Products under Smart Metering Technology

Products under Smart Metering Technology

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Smart Metering Technology and subordinate group of products that can be used as a complete solution or individual requisites as per need and demand.


    •Uses a patented technology developed by our highly qualified research team under Dr. Bharat K. Gupta. Awarded by our Ex President of India Late:Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Sir  

    • It is a software based prepaid energy monitoring system equipped with various innovative power control & safety features highly beneficial to power Discoms.

    Developed to radically bring Technology for Tracking & Managing
    Transmission of Power.

    It is not just a digital meter to monitor electricity usage but an integrated energy monitoring system capable of managing total power distribution system.

    AEMS comprises of:

    -A Software based Pre Paid Electricity Meter (ECU),

    -  A Digital Hub (EHU) &

    -  A Server Unit

    —The prepaid meter installed in the house is connected to a digital hub at the electric pole which is connected to the server at DHQ of power distribution company.

    • It can efficiently manage power distribution & conserve electricity.

    •PLCC Based Communication System (Patent Technology)

    •Pre-paid System

    •Advanced Anti- Pilferage System

    •Power Rationing System

    •Tariff Accommodation

    •Power Factor Based Metering

    •Remote Metering

    •Display in Rupees Terms

    •Scope for Policy Changes

    •Safety against Short Circuits



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