Production & Rate Display Board

Production & Rate Display Board

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Starting from a range of Rs.2200 per square feet We are assembler and manufacturer of LED information boards with a wide variety of usage in market. We assemble regular P10, P6, P8 led modules single and multicolour RGB boards for use in market. Apart from the regular display boards we also manufacture customized control cards for LED boards ( P10/P6/P8 modules).



    We serve customer such as 

    Advertisement and content information display

    Product Rate Display

    Industrial Information boards/ Production Display boards

    Token Display boards

    Sports Score Boards

    We manufacture boards in this category with a wide versatile variety of source supply. These boards are accompanied with customized source input that can be driven through AC mains voltage/ DC battery voltage/ Solar Panel or any other source supply as per the customer demand. Further the data input for the message can be on the other hand full of choices like regular USB flash, Wi-Fi Flash, customized and regular flash of message from Computer software, Android Application flash, flashing messages through short messaging services (SMS). Over the web flash services and many more as per need and requirement of customer. For the purpose we use the regular readymade led control cards and develop and manufacture the same for customization options.


    1 Year warranty. No Refund


    PAN INDIA. Shipping & Installation charges extra



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