Passanger Information & Announcement System

Passanger Information & Announcement System

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The ITS (Intelligent Transportation Standards) promotes display systems to be installed inside the transportation vehicles for information displays well as intelligent announcers are also a part of it. This includes the information of Source & Destination, Stop name and stop announcements before and after the stop as well as the time to time announcements for source destination. Further this system can be accompanied with a control unit that will have the capability to hold a number of information to be announced and displayed on the PIS/PAS installed and that too with an option of selection of different routes. The same system can be used to broadcast customized adverts time to time. Navigator also deals in stop display boards and GPS tracking solutions for system. Ssuch uch a PIS/PAS system can have the following category of product line

Front Destination Display Board

Rear Destination Display Board

Inside Bus Stop Detail Display Board

Announcement System

Auto GPS based stop announcer

Control Unit/GPS/GPS Antenna  and other accessories

Stop Display boards for ETA ( Estimated Time Arrival ) Display

We here at Navigator; design/develop/manufacture and assemble such products as per the customer need and requirement. We also serve the transportation industry for service and maintenance of already installed system. We are proud to be a partner in the channel for serving public transportation in various cities of the country.



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