Laxman Rekha Fever Screening & Sanitizing Doorway

Automatic Sanitizer Spray NGT 01

Laxman Rekha TNLR-01/02/03/04

  • Models and their features

    NGT01- Sanitizer With automatic sensor trigger ( MS frame with plastic/flex cover )

    TNLR-01 : Doorway Frame,Infrared Contactless Thermometer,Body Temperature Display,Access Control Lights & Alarm & Visitor Counter

    TNLR-02 : TNLR01 with AI based Mask Detection IoT Connectivity, Reporting & Recording

    TNLR03: TNLR02 with Sanitizer Spray

    TNLR04: TNLR03 with Metal Detector, Foot Wear Cleaner & Thermal Imaging Camera

₹50,000.00 Regular Price
₹25,000.00Sale Price


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